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30 Years of Child Care in Rochelle Park, NJ

Open Year Round

We are open 5 days a week from 7AM until 6PM, closing only on major holidays.

Open Year Round

State Certified

Each classroom has a state certified teacher as well as CPR and first aid trained staff ensuring that your children are well cared for.

State Certified

6 Weeks - 6 Years Old

With children ranging from 6 weeks to 6 years old, our curriculum and facility has been fine tuned for all age groups.

6 Weeks - 6 Years Old

About Our Day Care Center


Future's Finest Nursery and Daycare has been in business for 26 years. We specialize in early childhood care in small classroom settings which offer a high teacher to student ratio. Our entire staff is CPR and first aid certified. We videotape each classroom, as well as provide parents with a daily log of their child's day. We run a safe and efficient school in a pleasant and happy setting to assure your child's physical and emotional happiness at all times. We are not a babysitting business. Specialized classes such as gym, music, dance and yoga are regular weekly features as Future's Finest.

We have certified teachers in each classroom to ensure that your child is receiving individual attention and a fulfilling education and recreational experience. Our staff is extremely motivated and dedicated to assure that your child's formative years are happy ones. We offer lunch five days a week as well as provide your child with milk, juice, and bottled water. We also have an outdoor playground for your children to enjoy. We only close for major national holidays and state emergency weather conditions. We cater to working parents. Our hours of operation are 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday.

About Our Child Care Facility


Conveniently located minutes from all major highways, we take pride in our day care facility. Our state of the art facility ensures the safety and well being of your children. In addition to separate class rooms for all age groups, separate bathrooms for girls & boys, plenty of toys, books, & learning tools, we also feature:

Feel free to stop by for a tour. You never need to call ahead.




While playing with blocks, your children will begin to experience the world of science, math and language in a natural environment.

Science: Experimenting with balance, structure, space and even gravity will allow your children to experiment and observe the cause and effect of building and falling of their creations.

Math: Blocks come in all different shapes, sizes and geometries which enable your children to naturally develop skills in sorting, measuring, and fitting.

Language: Through the use of various block attributes, children begin to recognize and verbally describe the letters, shapes, and colors of blocks they are handling.

Play House

Maintaining a home isn't just for mommy and daddy anymore!

Children are encouraged to enter an imaginary world or pretend play through the use of play stoves, sinks, cabinets, tables, chairs, carriages, brooms, and other toys.

This type of play is important to the social, emotional and mental development of your children. Whether playing with teachers, students, dolls, or even imaginary friends, children will begin to engage in conversation that will also promote communication and imagination.


Sitting down with a book provides children a quiet and peaceful time to stimulate imagination and play. Books encourage curiosity and discussion while allowing your child exposure to art, writing, and literacy skills.

Whether reading a book on their own or listening to a teacher read during story time, your child's mind will be filled with knowledge and creativity.


Music is important to your children's language and literacy skills. Through the use of sounds and songs, your child will build a connection between what they hear and what they sing. Songs can often include basic math skills such as counting, sequencing, and patterns.

Clapping hands, stamping feet, and the use of instruments will further help your child develop important pre-reading skills by recognizing words, sounds, rhythms, tones, and pitches.

Music is also important to building self-esteem, confidence, relieving stress, and sparking creativity in children.


Creative activities through the use of crayons, paste, clay easels and drying racks are some of the building blocks of child development.

Art directly and indirectly encourages motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, creativity and cultural awareness in children.

Outdoor Playground

Getting your children outside not only allows them to burn energy, but is vital to developing physical strength, coordination, and balance.

They'll develop social skills by playing with other children, expand their imagination through exploration, enable advancement of problem solving skills, and encourage the importance of safety and rule following.

Physical Education

With help of a certified gym instructor, children will be exposed to physical education at least twice a week to build good health, strength, self-esteem, teamwork, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle.

Whether class is held outdoors or indoors, your children will have year-round physical education through exercise, sports and play games.

Day Care Tuition

  • $250.00
  • per week
  • 7am - 6pm
  • No meal
  • Play Activities
  • $220.00
  • per week
  • 7am - 6pm
  • Lunch, Milk, Juice & Bottled Water
  • All Activites
  • 2-6 YEARS OLD
  • $200.00
  • per week
  • 7am - 6pm
  • Lunch, Milk, Juice & Bottled Water
  • All Activities

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